The Cooks Bible

Last week I’ve got Le Cordon Bleu Book- “The Cooks Bible”. My greatest dream is to study at Le Cordon. During this year I’m going to save as much money as I can and next year, September I will try to study at Le Cordon Bleu in London, Diplome de Patisserie. Hopefully I will manage to achive my target 🙂

But now I need to say something more about my new book. I’m so happy that I have it. I will try to make some Le Cordon recipes and post them on my blog. This book is rich in all the informaction which every cook has to know. For example all the basic recipes like white sauces, brown sauces, butter sauces etc. I am very excited and looking forward to share my experience with you.

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Roasted Banana

I love this dietetic simple dessert. I have lactose intolerance so I used for this recipe Soya&Almond yogurt but you can use natural yogurt.


One not ripe banana

Pecan nuts

Maple syrup

Soya&almond yogurt


Cut your banana lengthwise. Place on baking paper and bake for about 15 minutes in 200 degrees.  The same time you can roast pecan nuts. Place handful of nuts next to bananas and leave them in own just for about 5 minutes then take them out from the own. Serve with natural yogurt, pecan nuts and maple syrup.


Pumpkin pie

Next weekend in England we going to have Halloween. The shops are filled with pumpkins. Most of the people buy them as a decoration but not to eat which is very sad. Nowadys people eat factory food instead natural- like gorgeous pumpkins.   I like to eat pumpkin in every single way, in savory or sweet recipes. Today is very gloomy weather so I am in mood for something sweet. I went to Morissons and I manage to buy one medium size pumpkin. I decided to make nice mash and then some desserts with it. In this post I’m going to share with you my pie. Really nice and creamy. Hope you gonna like it even more then me 😉


for the filling:

2 glasses of pumpkin mash

1 whole egg and two yolks

1/2 condense milk

tsp of ground cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg


225g plain flour

90g butter

2tbsp cold water


Wild Alaskan Salmon Tartare

Wild Alaskan Salmon Tartare belongs to super food because of the richness of vitamins and minerals. That super healthy starter is perfect for those who want to eat healthy and try something new. If you want to read something more about “Superfood” visit this website:


one Wild Salmon portion

one medium size beetroot

two handful of raspberries

1 tbsp of honey

fresh ginger


golden delicious apple

spring onion

passion fruit


olive oil



Seven years ago I was going to Damascus but in the end I couldn’t go becouse the political situation was very dangerous. My friends who I was going to visit sent me beautiful green box with something inside. I didn’t know what it was so when I opened that box I was very amazed! It was hand made baklava sent from Damascus. That time I tried baclava for the first time. From that time my Dear Mum is buying me a little box of baclava every year for my birthday.

It is quite expensive and difficult to get in Poland.

Today after a long time not having baclava I made my own baclava with pistachio and walnuts. I am very pround of myself becouse they look very good and taste much more better. image1(5)

Vegan pate

My friend few days ago sent me recipe for the Vegan pate. I decided to make it becouse after my Vegan burgers I was very intrested for some more healthy and meat free meals. It is very simple recipe and not very expensive( for those of you who save money like me :P). You can make it and freeze it or keep in the fridge for couple of days.


one glass millets


2 carrots

small celeriac

1/2 glass walnuts

one medium size onion

1/4 glass olive oil



Acallops served on a bed of vegetables. You don’t have to go to restaurant to get perfectly cooked those expensive funnny things. It is very easy for everyone to make them rich, buttery with crisp, delicious crust. All what you need is a hot pan and a litlle oil. image2(3)

Lobster tail

Today I found at my fishmonger fresh lobster tail. I cooked it sous vide with celeriac puree. Those who like seafood I encourage to try this beautiful dish. This dish consist only of a few ingredients but can excites every person becouse of the richness of flavours. image1(4)